Dr. Roque Goitia, M.D. Dr. Roque Goitia, M.D. Surgeon; Medical Director of Private Clinics; Spartan graduate 1986

I came to St. Lucia as a medical student back in 1982 when Spartan Health Sciences University had just started operations read more »

Requirements for Admissions

The minimum requirement for admission is 90 semester credit hours of college or University level studies (3 years). However, a baccalaureate degree is preferred and it is required of students coming from countries other than the United States and Canada.

Required Courses

The Admissions Committee has no preferences for an undergraduate major.
However, college and university studies should include:

  • General Biology with Laboratory (1 year)
  • General Physics with Laboratory (1 year)
  • General Chemistry with Laboratory (1 year)
  • Organic Chemistry with Laboratory; (1 year)
  • Or Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry sequence is acceptable
  • Mathematics (1 year)

The above courses must be taken at a minimum of freshman college or University level.