Accreditation/Approvals- School of Nursing

/Accreditation/Approvals- School of Nursing
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The Government of St Lucia has chartered and licensed the University. This is to ensure that Spartan’s Standards are comparable to those set by the Liaison Committee of Medical Education as required by the Department of Education in the United States.

The University’s Bachelor of Science Degree in the Nursing Program has been approved by the following authoritative bodies on the island of Saint Lucia:

  • Ministry of Education, Innovation and Gender Relations
  • Saint Lucia General Nursing Council

Licensure ( Regional) :

In order to secure a State licensure, the General Nursing Council of Saint Lucia have the following requirements:
  1. Successfully complete the University’s Exit Examinations (theory and clinical)
  2. Successfully complete the General Nursing Council clinical examination 
  3. Successfully complete the Regional Examination for Nursing Registration