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Admission to the program is open to:-

  1. Successful high school students with good grades (i.e. B+ and above) and who are keen, dedicated and committed to make a career in medicine or other allied health sectors.
  2. Students with a GPA of at least 2.5 and have obtained passes at CXC level in English, Mathematics and at least two (2) of the science subjects –Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and are desirous of pursuing medicine or health careers.
  3. Students with undergraduate degrees or passes at GCE “A” level or CAPE can take individual courses in this program to complete or supplement their basic requirements or to improve their grades to qualify for admission into the Basic Science Program.

In addition, individuals admitted into the program shall:

          1. Be in good physical and mental health

          2. Possess a record of academic excellence

          3. Possess good personal integrity

          4. Possess good personal character

          5. Possess appropriate motivation

          6. Possess the sincere desire to serve their fellowmen.


Grading system will be based on course work assessment, a mid-term examination and a final examination.

Course work is worth 40% of the overall grade and the mid-term examination and final examination are worth 60% of the overall grade.

The grading system is as follows:

H /Honor                       – 85% and above

  P / Pass                         – 70% – 84%

  F/ Fail                            – Below 70%

Course Work

1. Assignments must be submitted on time.

2. No tests, exams or quizzes will be given at a later date.  0% will be recorded when a test, exam

Or quiz is not done.

Final Grade

1.  If a student scores between 60% – 69% on any individual course, he/she is eligible to take a

     Make-up exam in the following trimester provided that he/she has scored more than 55%

     Of the course work assessment.

2.  A student who scores between 0% – 59% and has scored more than 55% in his/her course

    Work assessment will be allowed to sit for the examination in the trimester when the course is

    Offered and will receive a grade “P” (Pass) or “F” (Fail) but not “Honors”.

3.  A student who scores between 0% – 59% and has scored less than 55% in his/her course work

     Assessment will have to repeat the entire course when it is offered.


A student shall be promoted from one trimester to another when he/she

   1. Has passed all required or assigned courses for that trimester.

   2. Has been recommended for promotion by the coordinator of the Pre- Med Program after

       Consultation with the professors/lecturers.

The office of the Registrar /Dean maintains the student’s official academic records.  This office also prepares and issues transcripts of the students. The student’s permanent academic record at Spartan College of Arts and Sciences lists the student’s name, courses taken and grades received.  These records are updated and copied for each student at the end of each trimester when grades are received from the coordinator by the Registrar’s /Dean’s office. When impressed with the College’s seal and certified by the Dean, a copy of the record becomes an official transcript.

In evaluating individual applicant’s credentials, the Admissions Committee looks for the applicant’s capacity to do academic work for absorption of material, a pre-requisite for a sound foundation in the basic medical sciences. Evaluation is also based on Grade Point Average (GPA) from individual colleges and universities and letters of recommendation.

However, academic background is not the only criterion for selection; individual character and motivation to become a physician serve as essential determinants in the admission process.