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Tuition Fees per Trimester: Effective 01/Aug/2011

Basic Medical Sciences- per semester

U.S.$ 6250.00

Clinical Sciences (hospital fees are included)


Scholarships and Awards:

St. Lucian Citizens (50% scholarship discount excluding the hospital fees)

U.S.$ 3125.00

Refund Policy:

Withdrawal on the first day of class100% refund
Up to one (1) week attendance90% refund
Up to two (2) weeks attendance75% refund
Up to three (3) weeks attendance50% refund
Up to four (4) weeks attendance25% refund
Up to five (5) weeks attendance10% refund
Six or more than six weeks attendanceno refund

* The refund policy covers only the first trimester students and is not applicable for transfer or clinical science tuition.
** The initial deposit of $1000 and an administrative fee of $100.00 will be deducted before the refund is issued.


Application Fee:U.S.$ 100.00 (non-refundable)
Deposit: (part of the first semester tuition)U.S.$1000.00 (non-refundable)
Malpractice Insurance Coverage (per year)U.S.$ 500.00
Revalidation Fees for Basic Sciences (transfer students only)U.S. $ 1000.00
Graduation Document (Processing Fee)U.S.$ 500.00
Student ServicesU.S.$ 950.00
Official TranscriptU.S.$ 20.00
Transcript Student copy (Unofficial)U.S.$ 5.00
Re-Application feeU.S.$ 60.00
Hospital privilege feeU.S.$ 20.00
FCVS verification feeU.S.$ 100.00
State licensure verification feeU.S.$ 100.00


  1. All prices are listed in US dollars.
  2. The Comprehensive Exit Examination is mandatory to complete the Basic Science Program and to begin Clinical Science Program.
  3. Clinical Credit will be listed for every sixteen (16) weeks.
  4. The original clinical evaluation forms have to be on file.
  5. No partial clinical credit transcript will be issued.
  6. Student has to be in Good Standing and current with his/her account with school.
  7. For transfer students: No transcript will be issued unless official transcript from the transferring institution is on file.

Important : Tuition fees must be received on the first day of each trimester in attendance. Thereafter, a late fee of $500.00 U.S. will be charged to the tuition. Delinquency greater than 30 days will result in registration withdrawal and cancellation.