Blood Drive – Spring 2017

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Blood Drive – Spring 2017

“American Medical Student Association Spartan Chapter”, is an organization with the aim of promoting active improvement of medical education and committing to the improvement of healthcare and delivery to students and the community.

Here, at AMSA Spartan Chapter our goal is to provide the community with the basic health care needs. Every trimester AMSA (Spartan Chapter) hosts a group of lively activities such as; health clinics, blood drive, basic life support training, community walks and much more. All students and faculty members of Spartan Health Sciences University are encouraged to participate.

On Friday February 3rd, 2017 American Medical Students Association (Spartan Chapter) held its first event ‘Blood Drive’ with an approach to help the community. We had the drive at our usual site on the School’s campus. It started off at 11am and we were glad to witness a good number of students coming up for the donations. AMSA executives also kept in mind to ensure the safety and health of the donating individual, after donation they were provided with snacks such as, drinks, juices, fruits and muffins.

We were able to collect approximately 25 pints though unfortunately a few of the students couldn’t donate due to anemia and other medical conditions. Acknowledgement is expressed to St. Jude Hospital blood drive association who always keeps the drive running and come to assist whenever given a call and also to those who manned the station at the blood drive.

On behalf of AMSA I would like to say a big thank you to all our fabulous donors who rolled up their sleeves on the Feb.3rd, took time out of their busy day to come in and give their priceless gift of life to those in need of blood products. Also to all the first time donors who overcame their fear and donated blood that could save up to three lives. The entire drive went off evenly with the entire event winding up at about 4pm.

AMSA is dedicated to allocating time, energy and resources toward fulfilling goals which encompasses the issues of wellness, safety, opportunity and environment that make up a healthy society. It also highlights the interconnected nature of all people and our responsibility for rational and proportional assistance for all people, regardless of the country in which they live.

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