Can I mail all my Admission Documents directly to St. Lucia instead of the New York office?

Yes. Unfortunately, the mail from United States to St. Lucia, West Indies takes more than three weeks. If you send mail to New York, it will be electronically transferred to St. Lucia. You can send the mail by United States Postal Service (Regular Mail / Express Mail / Priority Mail / Certified Mail) to the [...]

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How do I request for a transcript and how long does it take?

Request in writing on a "Transcript Request Form" with proper payment enclosed. Also provide the information as to where it needs to be sent with student/graduates signature authorizing the request. Students file has to be complete and with no financial obligation to the University. All Basic Science course grades have to be recorded and original [...]

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Is there any residency programs offered in SHSU?

No,Our students who get residency program in the USA medical schools after their graduation from Spartan. Q: How many students match every year? A: Nearly 10 to 15 students match every year. What are the areas for match ? Mostly they match internal medicine/Psychiatry/Pediatrics/Surgery/Family practice. Which states do most students get residency? Mostly students get [...]

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