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Graduate of 1993

May 8, 2014 :Spartan Alumnus, Dr. Harbans Hans visits Spartan Health Sciences University in St. Lucia after over 25 years of graduation. Dr. Hans is currently the Chief Psychiatrist at the Wyoming Department of Corrections (WY DOC), USA.Dr. Hans along with his wife met with the Dean and Senior Administrative and Faculty members. He was taken around the University campus to see the various facilities available for the students.
Dr. Hans and his wife were finally given a courtesy tour of the Island where they were able to visit some of the tourist attraction sites of St. Lucia, such as the Sulphur Springs (a walk through active volcano), Rain Forests Sky rides, Rodney Bay Marina, the beautiful beaches of St. Lucia and many other interesting sites.
*Spartan is proud to welcome Dr. Hans once again to the University after so many years. Spartan would like to encourage all of its graduates to keep in touch with the school and come and visit at your convenience. You may contact our admissions office for some assistance to better prepare for your trip to St. Lucia. The University will arrange your airport pick-up and drop-off as well as Island Tour.