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Dr. Rajeev Pandey, Dean of Admissions and Associate Professor 

Dr. Rajeev Pandey became the Dean of Admissions at Spartan Health Sciences University on September, 2014. Dr. Rajeev, a biochemist and a Chairman of Community Health & Research Center of Spartan (CHARCOS), is a Head / Course Director & Associate Professor of Department of Biochemistry at Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine and Director of BS-Biomedical Sciences (Biochemistry Major) Programme of SHSU. Dr. Rajeev is actively involved in Research, Professional Development of Faculty since 2011. He also holds the Executive Chief Proctor for NBME position since 2015 at SHSU.

Dr. Rajeev has authored more than 39 research papers and reviews in various journals of repute. He published 12 research / review papers at SHSU and approximately 08 publications are in pipeline for publication.

Previously, he had served as faculty at American Institute of Medicine in Seychelles and College of Medical Science & Technology in India. Dr. Rajeev also worked as Scientist at Department of Science & Technology, India and has vast experience in Intellectual Property Rights, Medical Research and funding.

Dr. Rajeev was raised in the north region of India and received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry entitled “Studies on the Photo-toxic & Photohemolytic Potential of Commonly used Antibiotics” from Dr. R.M.L. Avadh University, India. Prior to re-joining academic, Dr. Rajeev was actively involved in strategy development for IPR & medical research, facilitation of meetings or consultation. He has worked with Department of Biochemistry, Dr. R.M.L. Avadh University, India and taught Clinical Biochemistry in PG Diploma in Clinical Biochemistry & Pathology programme.

Dr. Rajeev has done series of General Course on Intellectual Property Rights offered by World Intellectual Property Organization, Switzerland.

Dr. Rajeev was fellow of Council of Science & Technology & Department of Science & Technology, India.

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