Dr. Sambasivarao Yaragalla 2016-10-28T19:19:24+00:00

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Microbiology

Dr. Yaragalla holds a PhD in Infectious Disease, an M.Sc in Medical Biotechnology (Sri Ramachandra University: India) and have 6 years of experience in Teaching and Research. He has earned few credits (40 Hrs Lectures) on Infectious diseases for his PhD course from Harvard medical school and MGH, Boston, USA.

After completion of his PG, he worked as Research Associate for 2 years in Magene lifesciences Pvt Ltd. After that, he worked as Lecturer for 2 years in American international medical university. Then, he joined in Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine in March 2011 as Sr. Lecturer of Microbiology.

He is currently teaching Medical Microbiology for III tri students. He has been actively involved as Programme Specialist, Associate Coordinator in CHARCOS (Community Health and Research Center of Spartan) and CME committee. He also participated for Spartan university – AMSA and Medical camps were organized for early detection of Diabetes, hypertension and preventable infectious diseases in rural area where and who requires health care in the local communities at st.lucia.

He sent various Research Publications in reputed journals from Sep 2012 – Dec 2014. His area of interest for teaching and research includes Medical microbiology, molecular cell biology, Immunology and Cancer cell biology. Currently he engaged with community health screening projects and ready to publish in various journals.