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Graduate of 2012

Hello! My name is Dr. Tamelia Lakraj, a graduate of Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine and currently finishing up the first year of my Family Medicine Residency in Georgia.

Overall, my experience at Spartan was life changing. Spartan is a good school and the faculty is extremely knowledgeable, however, like in any other medical program, the ball is in your court and you have to be very dedicated in order to achieve success.

I would like to encourage you, the current students, to stay focused on your studies regardless of whatever else you do in St. Lucia. I am sure you have met Dr. Raj,Clinical coordinator, for whom I give much thanks as he made my clinal years stress free. There are so many schools and so many different rotations and companies, but be wise and listen to him! Dr. Raj has been around for a very long time and knows the rules like the back of his hand. Not to mention, it will definitely save you a lot of time in the long run.

For those of you searching for a medical school to attend in the Caribbean, I will advise you to look for a school that has been around for a long time with established hospitals for rotations and with US and Canadian acceptance of graduates every year. I can assure you, as a recent graduate and current Family Medicine Resident, you will find the above, at Spartan.

Good luck to everyone, and I wish you well in all your future endeavors!