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Dr. Addagada C. Rao

My association with Spartan Health Sciences University began in early 2008 although the school has been in existence since 1980. While treating patients in the practice of Surgery has long been my profession, the association with a medical school allows me to pursue my avocation, namely, working with and teaching residents and young medical students. Since I became a part of Spartan Medical School, I have had the opportunity to visit the school in St. Lucia and meet both the teachers and many of the students in person and also through e-mail. I have observed first hand the quality of teaching practiced at Spartan, having sat in on several classes when I visited the school. The teachers are not only excellent at what they do, but share the same enthusiasm that I have for teaching. Through my own experiences both as a teacher and as a student, I have formulated many ideas about how best to teach young, aspiring physicians.

With the help of the outstanding teachers at Spartan, my goal is to utilize these ideas to maximize students’ academic performance and make Spartan Medical School second to none.

As I am primarily involved with the clinical years, I am dedicated to improving the quality of teaching at hospitals within the United States and in other places where students are currently performing rotations. One of my priorities since affiliating myself with Spartan has been to set up new rotations in hospitals in USA.

Spartan Medical School offers a high quality education at a lower tuition than many similar medical schools. I am proud to be associated with a school that offers many deserving students the opportunity to attend a competitive medical school. These are students that might not otherwise be able to pursue an education in medicine, and it is very rewarding to see them succeed in fulfilling their dream.

I look forward to working with the teachers and administration of Spartan to provide an even better teaching environment for our students. It has been exciting and rewarding to work with the students of the school thus far, and I look forward to continuing that relationship in the future.

I hope that anyone associated with the school will feel free to call on me if I can help in any way.