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Spartan Health Sciences University under its Spartan School of Arts and Science offer’s a premedical program. This program aims at providing students with a solid knowledge base, skills and attitude for the attainment of matriculation requirements into the Basic Science Program of the University which leads to an MD degree.

With an MD degree or as a Trained Health Professional the College envisages individual service to the community as a means of improving the health standards and health care delivery systems for the betterment of the community.

On successful completion of this program, students would have earned a total of ninety (90) credits and be awarded an Bachelor’s Degree in Health Sciences which will enable them to:

  1. Succeed in Medical School or other allied Health disciplines
  2. Acquire a critical amount  of  knowledge and have developed adequate skills to advance to and complete post- graduate training
  3. Provide high quality service to the community.
  4. Succeed in their particular professional careers.