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The Spartan Biomarkers Club (SBC) was officially inaugurated by the Dean, Spartan Health Sciences University, Dr. Gurumurthy on 21st March 2016 and had it’s first-ever research paper presentation on the same day. The SBC constitute of following members – Chairman – Dr. Rajeev Pandey, Administrative Coordinator – Mrs. Laurentia Canai, Academic Advisor – Dr. Mufutau Yekeen and Students Executive body (President, Vice President, Secretary, Asstt. Secretary, PRO, and Treasurer).

The SBC is a subsidiary of the Community Health and Research Center of Spartan, CHARCOS and has as part of its aims and objective to inculcate the culture of research study and presentation in students.

It was initially intended for students studying Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry, but its scope was later broadened to include all students of Spartan Health Sciences University.

The SBC also aims to teach students the skills to evaluate analyze and utilize scientific data and literature as well as build their confidence in public speaking.

Fortunately, students’ response has been very encouraging which saw a couple of beautiful presentation during the past few trimesters of the Spartan Biomarkers Club.

Recently active community-based research has been suggested for incorporation into a scope of activities of the SBC in line with the aims and objectives of CHARCOS.

Seminar conducted by SBC include:

S. No.DateTopicResearch Paper Review by / Presenter
0121st March 2016Hypoglycemia Secondary to sulfonylurea ingestion in a patient with End Stage Renal Disease: Results from a 72 hour fastMs. Taiba Khan   (PM-5)
0219th May 2016Heterozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia: An under-recognized course of early cardiovascular DiseaseMs. Avani Patel    (MD-1)
0319th May 2016A 24-year old Man with Previously Diagnosed HemophiliaMr. Ugochukwu peter Chukwuebuni (MD-3)
0414th Feb 2017Academic Presentation on Diabetes MellitusMs. Shaquelle Brouet (MD-5)
0514th Feb 2017Hypertensions in Caribbean IslandMr. Rajasimha Reddy (MD-1)
0623rd March 2018STD & UMr. Punay Narang (MD-5)

Ms. Kajal Kadam (MD-5)

Ms. Kimberly Remedios (MD-5)

Ms. Taiba Khan    (MD-5)

Mr. Naushad Khan (PM-2)