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Spartan Health Sciences University, is an independent Medical Institution established on January 7, 1980 on the island of Saint Lucia.  The University campus is located to the south of the island, in a residential area in Vieux Fort.  Throughout its existence, the campus has continuously evolved into a modern multi-million dollar medical school complex.

This expansion included the establishment of a Nursing School in 2012, which opened its doors in 2013 to the first group of Associate Degree students.  Currently our student body comprises of over 100 local, regional and international students. This diverse group of students and our faculty interact within a friendly, engaging and motivating learning environment.

Spartan School of Nursing utilizes a multidisciplinary approach in educating our nursing students to fit them for service within the global health market.


No upcoming events . Please check back soon for more events .

Upcoming Events

5th August, 2017

Basic Life Support Training (BLS) will be organized by AMSA for the Summer Trimester 2017 on 5th August.

July 15th, 2017

Community Clinic will be organized by AMSA for the Summer Trimester 2017 on July 15th.

7th – 29th July, 2017

Spartan Games will be organized by SSA from 7th, 14th, 21st, 22nd, and final 29th for the trimester Summer 2017.

25th Aug, 2017

Farewell Ceremony - This is the official farewell ceremony for our students (out-going fifth trimester students) who have completed the basic sciences program. The ceremony usually takes place at one of the Luxurious hotels [...]

Congratulations for Spartan Graduates !

Congratulations,  to all the Spartan  Graduates Who Made Their Main Residency Match In 2017" Spartan Health Sciences University School of Medicine Graduates have obtained Residencies at most prestigious  hospitals throughout the U.S.A and [...]

Blood Drive – Spring 2017

“American Medical Student Association Spartan Chapter”, is an organization with the aim of promoting active improvement of medical education and committing to the improvement of healthcare and delivery to students and the community. Here, [...]