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Graduate of 1986

Address:10001 SW 70th Street, Miami, FL 33173

I came to St. Lucia as a medical student back in 1982 when Spartan Health Sciences University had just started operations in St. Lucia. We were a group of eighteen (18) students from different countries. The University was then located in a small building in the New Dock road in Vieux Fort town. We graduated in 1986 as Medical Doctors, and pursued our postgraduate studies subsequently. Basically, each and every one of us has been successful in our own field. I am right now the Director of several clinics in Guardalajara, Mexico, New Jersey and several other places. I am so proud and so thrilled that I am a graduate of this University, that my son will be starting as a medical student at Spartan in the coming trimester. I hope that all of you who have the same endeavors and the same hopes and want a wonderful education, to come to Spartan Health Sciences University, which is by all means a leading educational organization not only in the Caribbean but in the world. Seventeen hundred (1700) physicians, said so.

Thank you