The American Medical Student Association (AMSA) is a national organization representing more than 35,000 physicians-in-training. U.S. citizens in international medical schools are eligible for affiliate membership in AMSA. AMSA offers a number of exceptional benefits and services:

● The New Physician AMSA magazine focuses on social and political issues of concern to physicians-in-training
● Discounts on books, such as the CIBA collection of medical illustrations
● NOVARTIS Clinical Symposia
● Group Insurance Plans – health, life disability, auto and tenants
● Master Card Program – employment related HIV supplemental income protection and Spring Service
● Revolving Line of Credit
● Discount Travel
● Career Planning Publications
● Conferences and Workshops

The Spartan AMSA is a chapter the national AMSA. Spartan AMSA executive officers are also elected every trimester, and they organize numerous community outreach events such as; fund raising to support underprivileged families or people within the local community. They also organize a number of health fairs where the students screen for diabetes and hypertension (two conditions that are highly prevalent in the local population). The students also offer medical advice to attendees regarding prevention of hypertension and diabetes. Individuals with abnormal screening test, are referred to the hospital or a doctor. Each trimester, the initiation of the Spartan AMSA activities, is celebrated with a BORN FIRE and a BBQ event organized by the AMSA executive members. With the Spartan AMSA activities, we intend to contribute toward improving the health status of St. Lucians, as well as instill in our students, the caring and humanitarian character of the medical profession.