Basic Medical Sciences

The Basic Sciences courses shall be offered during the first five trimesters.
Course offering will be as follows:

● Anatomy I
● Medical Physiology I
● Biochemistry I
● Histology
● DPR & Medical Ethics
● Anatomy II (Head & Neck)
● Medical Physiology II
● Biochemistry II & Genetics
● Neuroanatomy I
● Microbiology I
● Public Health & Epidemiology
● Medical Pharmacology I
● Pathology I
● Microbiology II
● Behavioral Sciences I
● Neuroanatomy II
● Physical Diagnosis & Clinic visits
● Medical Pharmacology II
● Pathology II
● Introduction to Clinical Medicine I
● Behavioral Science II
● Essentials of Clinical Sciences
● Introduction to Clinical Medicine II

Clinical Sciences

Clinical Phase Outline
Clinical clerkship shall mean a supervised educational experience, which is part of the clinical component of the medical education program that will take place in a teaching hospital acceptable to the University.

ELECTIVES: 14 weeks
Student must complete a minimum of four (4) electives before he or she can graduate. They must be a minimum of three (3) weeks in duration and NOT to exceed more than six (6) weeks.

* Students are not permitted to do any rotation that is less than three (3) weeks in duration.
Grand Total for Clinical Science Phase: 80 Weeks