Mission & Objectives


The Mission of Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine is to provide access to an exemplary academic experience, which will prepare our students to think critically; communicate effectively, and engage in a lifelong quest for ever-improving medical standards that will serve the global community.


Spartan Health Sciences University provides a learning environment that enables serious students with the opportunity to acquire medical knowledge, competent skills and a compassionate attitude for the practice of medicine in the broad world community of physicians.
The University’s goal is to continuously grow and improve in order to establish and sustain a very high standard of education with affordable tuition and fees. Located on beautiful St. Lucia, Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine provides an outstanding educational opportunity without compromising the quality of the medical education.
To fulfill this mission and reach our objectives, we have created a program of medical education leading to the Doctor of Medicine that prepares our graduates to:
● Enter postgraduate medical training and qualify for licensure;
● Provide high competent medical care;
● Acquire a level of knowledge in both theoretical and clinical competence and analytical thought processes to make safe clinical decisions;
● Pursue advanced medical and clinical research at reputable institutions, attain an educational background and disposition necessary for continued learning;
● Become sufficiently familiar with disease conditions in St. Lucia as well as cultural aspects of medical practice;
● Serve the public and medical profession in a patient-friendly and compassionate ways;
● And, deliver exemplary medical care in a scientific way with high ethical standards.
Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine works in conjunction with institutions such as the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College in its execution of the Department of Health Sciences program. Faculty and students at Spartan must satisfy local standards set by the St. Lucia Medical Council that monitors the achieved qualifications, experience and competence. They ensure that graduates can function appropriately within the country’s hospitals and health centers.