Our Housing Committee is a sub-committee of the Admission Committee of the University, which is chaired by the Assistant Dean of Admissions. It ensures that suitable accommodation is available for all students upon arrival on the Island.

There are specific requirements and safety standards that all houses/apartments rented to Spartan students must meet. The housing committee inspects all houses/apartments before they are rented out to our students. All of the houses/apartments are fully furnished and have wireless internet, cable TV, hot and cold water, AC and/or fan.
We have been making significant improvements in all services provide to our students including ‘housing’services during the past few years. As a foreign student coming to study in St. Lucia for a period of almost two years, we want to assure that you are first of all safe and comfortable with your accommodation. This will allow you to focus on the main reason that brings you to St. Lucia, your medical education.
Hence, we have revised our housing policy in order to provide you with quality housing service that will make you feel at home when you arrive in St. Lucia and get into your apartment. This comfort is essential for the peace of mind you need during your medical education.
In order to achieve this goal, we will need your cooperation. If you have any specific needs with regards to your accommodation, please write to us and let us know as early as you can, and we will do our best to assist you. Most of the apartments are located within close proximity to the university (approximately 10 minutes walking distance), and most landlords either live in a nearby house, or live in one part of the building and rent the other part. This is convenient as they are easily accessible should the student need some assistance. It further ensures the students’ safety

Apartment rates

House prices vary depending on number of rooms, location, and over all conditions.Newer apartment tend to be more expensive.

Single bedroom apartments: $350 – 600.00 USD per month + Deposit
Two bedroom apartments: $450 – 700.00 USD per month + Deposit
Three bedroom apartments: $500 – 900.00 USD per month + Deposit

Deposits are usually the same amount as the monthly rental rate, and must be paid in addition to the monthly rent within the first week of the rental period. All payments are made to the Housing Account at the University accounts office.

Deposits are usually the same amount as the monthly rental rate, and must be paid in addition to the monthly rent within the first week of the rental period. All payments are made to the Housing Account at the University accounts office.

How to secure the apartment of your choice

To ensure that you get the apartment of your choice, we encourage all new students to contact the housing Committee of the school and make arrangements with payments for housing (deposit and first month rent) prior to arriving on the Island. This will enable the committee make the necessary arrangements and keep you updated on the availability of apartments and rates to secure you the apartment of your choice before you arrive on the Island. Wire transfer information is provided below.

Students, who do not make housing arrangements prior to arriving on the Island, are encouraged to arrive early on the Island to choose from the available apartments. You will also have to bring along at least $1000 – $2000.00 USD cash or have credit/debit cards with sufficient funds to settle housing, student affairs and organization fees, food, phone service, etc, before the end of the first week of school. ATM machines are available; however they allow a maximum of $500.00 – $700.00 USD withdrawal within a 24 hour period.

Most rental rates include Cable TV, Internet Service and Water supply.

Other utility bills such as electricity will be given to you by the property owner, which have to be paid separately by you. All apartments have separate electricity meters.

A one-time housing service charge of $50.00 USD is also due at the beginning of the rent and must be paid together with the deposit

Please Note

We do not accept foreign checks for house/apartment rental and deposit, as well as for the payment of students’ organizations dues, as it takes six weeks or more for foreign checks to clear. Mailing foreign checks will not make the funds available in time to pay the property owner

Apartment Conditions

All apartments rented to our students are fully furnished with:

● cooking utensils
● microwave
● kitchen and dining sets
● Study desk in living or bedrooms.
● A/C units
● good lighting ● Secured windows and doors
● Water tank for times of water shortage.

“The water supply system gets contaminated easily whenever there are heavy rains. At such times the system is usually shut down for one or two days to allow for treatment of the water plant before supply resumes”

Wire payments to:

To RECEIVE a USD wire transfer from another institution or another country, the sender will require the following information:

Send to:
The Bank of Nova Scotia, in St. Lucia
6 William Peter Boulevard
Castries, St. Lucia
Full Name & Address: Spartan Housing Account
Beneficiary Transit Number*: PO Box 324, Vieux-Fort, St. Lucia
Beneficiary Transit Number*: 20735
Beneficiary Account Number*: 61268
*Please confirm with the Contact Centre, Scotia Online or in-person at your branch that the information provided is correct and complete.
Note: Please call the University to inform us of the wire transfer. Ask for the Housing Secretary and send a copy of the transfer order to