About CME


Learning is a lifelong activity, for this reason, Spartan Medical School has seen the need to establish Continuing Medical Education within its programme to achieve that purpose. Continuing Medical Education (CME) consists of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance of health professionals in the provision of services to patients, the public or the profession. The content of CME consist of a body of knowledge and skills generally recognized and accepted to be within the basic medical sciences, clinical medicine and related disciplines and the provision of healthcare to the general public.

The CME activities would include patient-focused programmes, medical research, and provision of relevant education information for medical and other health professions, reading and presentation of authoritative medical/scientific literature and have documentation of participation and of certification of all CME events.


To provide health education that would enhance healthcare services and patient outcomes.


The Spartan Medical School’s CME programme consists of educational activities which serve to maintain, develop or increase the knowledge, skills and professional performance of all health professionals in the provision of services to patients and the general public.


The program is designed to target physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical technologists, physiotherapists and other health professionals within St Lucia, others Islands within the Caribbean and other countries.


The offerings of the CME are intended to enhance physician and other health professionals’ training and influence their behavior for the purpose of improving health delivery and patient outcomes.

• The office of the CME is committed to finding, creating, evaluating and disseminating new approaches to lifelong education.
• We value reliability, trust, equal opportunity, diversity and integrity in all aspects of our work.
• We will strive to identify all customers, measure and monitor their levels of satisfaction with our services and continually improve service delivery and satisfaction
• We will seek to provide an evidence-based structure for healthcare education. • Each activity will be certificated.


• To present new and relevant knowledge and its application to various levels of healthcare and disease prevention
• Based on the needs of the different healthcare providers, provide educational activities designed to keeping their knowledge and skills at the highest possible levels.
• To develop and evaluate new educational tools, employing emerging technologies to bring biomedical and clinical knowledge and delivery of healthcare to healthcare professionals.
• To partner with other distinguished organizations and institutions within ST Lucia and abroad to offer educational activities to local, regional and international medical communities.
• To meet the needs of healthcare professionals through increased research in educational needs which will definitely lead to increased outcomes.


1. Chairman : Dr. Sambasivarao Yaragalla, Associate Professor, Microbiology Dept.
2. Secretary : Dr. Praveena Sirisala, Assistant Professor, Pathology Dept.
3. Members : Dr. Rajeev Pandey, Associate Professor, Biochemistry Dept.
Dr. Jigar Katwala, Associate Professor, Pharmacology Dept.
Dr. Rasheed Agboola, Associate Professor, Physiology Dept.
4. Student Representatives: Ms. Shah Preksha, , Ms. Sahithi Bhavani Kaligota, 3rd Trimester and Ms. Lee-Ann D Charles 1st Trimester Basic sciences.