Dr. Gurumurthy

The present Executive Dean, Dr. Gurumurthy is a graduate from one of the prestigious Medical Colleges in India (Bangalore Medical College). He is board Certified to practice in India and has some Academic Publications. He joined Spartan as a Lecturer some twenty eight (28) years ago. However; before joining Spartan he taught at a Medical College in India and has completed a year in Dermatology training at Bangalore Medical College.

Dr. Gurumurthy is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher with great loyalty to the school and its student’s .He has a vast knowledge in his particular subject of teaching and this has been reflected on the improvement of student’s performance. In fact ;he has been teaching Neuroanatomy for the past twenty five (25) years and has made it simple for the students to understand such a complex subject-as such, he has won various appreciation awards from the various student bodies.

Dr. Gurumurthy accepted responsibilities for the Administration in 1994 and has performed credibly. His responsibilities include day to day activities of the school in addition to various academic duties such as curriculum development, Faculty and Faculty /Student Committees and the Research Unit.

It must be mentioned that Dr. Gurumurthy was very instrumental in ensuring the Full Accreditation of Spartan by the St. Lucia Monitoring Committee in 2004, NCFMEA approval in 2007 and New York site visit in 2009. Dr. Gurumurthy played a leading role in the University’s achievement in obtaining provisional accreditation by CAAM-HP in 2013 and thereafter.

He has participated in various Academic and Accreditation workshops throughout his career.

In short, Dr. Gurumurthy is an asset for the University and looking forward, the University anticipates great progress under his leadership.