Dean Message

Dr. Gurumurthy

The medical profession is a career for those prepared for a lifetime service to the ill and needy. This requires motivation, maturity, compassion, dedication, integration and commitment.

Spartan Health Sciences University, School of Medicine, represents excellence in teaching state of the art medicine. It offers students a completely integrated program of theory and practiceas an ideal teaching module.

Our medical school is geared toward developing excellent basic and clinical science programs. We make students understand and acquire knowledge of key concepts with emphasis on principles and mechanism of health, disease and mode of therapy. We have dedicated, devoted and determined faculty.

The people of St. Lucia are very friendly and accommodating. During your pleasant stay here you will experience a high degree of diversity in terms of language, religion and custom.

The faculty, administration, staff and fellow students are here to guide you through this challenging and rewarding experience. We welcome you and wish you good luck.

Gurumurthy, MBBS
Executive Dean
Spartan Health Sciences University
School of Medicine