Success and Outcomes


• CHARCOS Research Advisory Board (CRAB) is established involving the members from the various institutions around the world. There are four (04) CRAB member from USA, four (04) from Caribbean Region, eight (08) from Asian Region and one (01) from Africa.

• Total of twelve (12) researchers from reputed institutions / associations e.g. Canada, Argentina, Jamaica, Columbia, British Columbia, Cuba, Brazil and St. Lucia are agreed to develop a collaborative research project with CHARCOS.

• CHARCOS is registered with more than 10 research associations as members.

• CHARCOS is represented by more than 15 CHARCOS Student Research Coordinator from the different trimester of Basic medical science to coordinate student research at different level and more than 55 CHARCOS Student Researchers to perform research activities of CHARCOS.

• One International Student from Keele Medical School, UK is accepted to perform research for the period of 02 months.

• All the CHARCOS members are encouraged to get HIPAA compliance certificate.

• All the CHARCOS members are encouraged to do PHRP course offered by NIH.

• All the CHARCOS student members are involved in writing a research proposals, Health Camps in collaboration with AMSA, Health Surveys, writing a scholarly articles / Review articles, participation in various seminar / conferences, and regular utilization of EBSCO host (Full text Medline search) database available at SHSU.

• CHARCOS has developed various projects and under the discussion with collaborators.

• CHARCOS student members developed various proposals to work. One student’s research proposal on “Childhood Obesity” is submitted to GEMx (ECFMG) sponsored Student Competition: Student Project for Health. Second proposal on Mental illness is under process.

• CHARCOS students were actively participated in Health Camps in 2012, 2013, 2014, & 2015 and conducted the surveys.

• CHARCOS students published four (04) International, one (01) Regional and five (05) Institutional level research papers. Two (02) research articles are in under process of review.

• Affiliate membership of St. Lucia Diabetic & Hypertension Association (SLDHA).

• Certificate of appreciation & recognition has been given to graduating students.


• SHSU supports for Health Camps & Surveys organized by CHARCOS.

• Additional funding is provided by SHSU for routine activity of CHARCOS.

• Annual Seed Grant is approved by Dean / CEO, SHSU.

• Proposal for Establishing DNA Lab is under consideration.


a.Chairman – Dr. Rajeev Pandey

b.Information Coordinator – Dr. Sambasivarao Yaragalla

c.Associate coordinators

Dr. Sreekrishna Penna

Dr. Mufutau Yekeen

Dr. Lydia Atkins

Dr. Ralph Hatch

Dr. Sybil Naitram

Dr. Ndidi Dagbue

d.Students (Research Coordiantors)

e.Legal Advisor: Mr. Percival Mc Donald