Administrator Message

Mr. Percival McDonald

I take this opportunity to extend congratulations to the Board of Trustees, Board of Directors and Senior Management of the University for their steadfastness, commitment and hard wok in all their achievements over the years.
I have been affiliated with the University since 1985, when I held the post of Deputy Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health. During this early period, many challenges and difficulties had to be overcome by the school. Nevertheless, with determination and commitment of senior management, together with the assistance and support of the Ministry of Health, the Institution has developed and improved over the years and continues to grow and expand further.
By charter, the government of St. Lucia has given legal authorization to the University to operate in St. Lucia as a Medical School. However, the Monitoring Committee of St. Lucia, continues to monitor and oversee Spartan that guidelines are followed in keeping with universal standards, procedures and arrangements set for the medical school. Thus, the University is continuously being monitored for improvements in respect to its educational program and related activities.
In this regard, the school is presently reviewing and adjusting, where necessary,its administrative structure and arrangements to better suit its mission and objectives.
Hence, my present role with the University is to assess the effectiveness of its on going administrative structure and processes and to recommend changes where needed.
No doubt the future outlook of the University in St. Lucia is bright and optimistic.The University anticipates training the best physicians to meet the challenges of the future in the delivery of health care