Admission Requirements

In evaluating individual applicant’s credentials, the Admissions Committee looks for the applicant’s capacity to do academic work for absorption of material, a pre-requisite for a sound foundation in the basic medical sciences. Evaluation is also based on Grade Point Average (GPA) from individual colleges and universities and letters of recommendation
A minimum GPA of 2.5 is required to apply.
However, academic background is not the only criterion for selection; individual character and motivation to become a physician serve as essential determinants in the admission process.

Requirements for Admissions

The minimum requirement for admission is 90 credit hours (or equivalent) of college or University level studies (3 years). However, a Bachelor’s degree (BS) is preferred.

Required Courses

The Admissions Committee has no preferences for an undergraduate major. However, college and university studies should include: ● General Biology with Laboratory (1 year)
● General Physics with Laboratory (1 year)
● General Chemistry with Laboratory (1 year)
● Organic Chemistry with Laboratory; (1 year)
● Or Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry sequence is acceptable
● Mathematics (1 year)

The above courses must be taken at a minimum of freshman college or University level.

Applicants From Countries Other Than The United States Of America And Canada

Apart from the Admission requirements of SHSU, applicants from other than the USA / Canada must also meet the admission requirements of their home country into a Medical Program.
However, applicants with excellent grades in the General Certificate of Education (G.C.E.) Examination advanced level with courses in the sciences may be considered. Prospective students from other countries with educational systems different from the UK, Canada or United States will be evaluated on their own merits.

Admissions Package Information

Technical Standards for disabled students